The Executive Management and Staff of TASS ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD are hereby committed to the strict adherence of ISO 3834 welding standards and to the implementation of its Quality Management arrangements, which are required to meet the spirit and intent of the ISO 9002 Quality System standard.

In so doing, the company policy – to provide its Clients with products, structures and erection services which fully comply with their contractually specified requirements and the industrial norms – is assured.

To meet this policy objective, TASS ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD has an ISO 3834 accreditation (see certificate).
TASS ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD has developed, documented, implements and maintains a quality management system which addresses all the elements of ISO 9002: 1994 and SANS/ISO 9001: 2008.

It is the Managing Director’s requirement that all management and staff, in the execution of TASS ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD business, shall fully understand and implement the quality system requirements as set out in the operating procedures appropriate to their activities.

In achieving the above, TASS ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD is able to provide peace of mind to its Clients that their expectations and requirements are clearly identified and complied with.

To further demonstrate commitment to the assurance of quality of Product and Service, the Manager, Corporate Services is appointed as the Business Development Manager for Quality related matters.

Scope of work: Fabrications and Erection of Steel Structure

HSE Policy

Tass Engineering is committed to the protection of the environment and to prevent harm to personnel working on our project and any others who may be affected by our activities outside our employment.

“Our work is never so urgent or important that we do not take time to do it safely and with due respect to the environment”

Our goals are simply stated – ZERO injuries, zero property damage and no damage to the environment.

We will continue to drive down the environmental and health impact of our operations by producing quality craftsmanship and practical legal compliance to ensure the safety of all concerned.

We will:

Consult, listen and respond openly to our customers, employees, neighbours, public interest group and those who work with us;

Work with others – our partners, suppliers, competitors and regulators – to raise standards of our industry;

Openly report our performance, good and bad;

Recognise those who contribute to improvised HSE performance.

Our business plans include measurable HSE targets. We are committed to meeting them.

Project HSE Objectives and Targets

Pursuant to the policy statement above, the principal project health, safety and environmental objectives are:

Health and Safety

Objective: Protect the health and well being of personnel during worksite activities and those outside our employment that may be affected during our operation and ensure that safety is the prime consideration in the project execution.

Targets: Achieve zero fatalities, zero lost time injuries, zero restricted work and medical treatment, injury cases and a zero total reportable injury frequency.


Objective: Ensure against contamination and disruption to the surrounding, environment and worksite.

Targets: Achieve zero negative report and zero property damage incidents.

The management of HSE throughout the life of our project shall be continually reviewed in order to maintain or improve performance.

Note: Every employee shall at work take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself and others persons who may be affected by his acts or omissions.

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