Major Plant

Factory Area :

Factory 1: 10 000m2 serviced by 15 Overhead Cranes


650 tons/month (Heavy Steel) Or
450 tons/month (Light Steel)

Major Plant and Equipment:
  • Heavy Steel Cutting Line
  • Bending Brakes
  • Cropping Machines
  • Guillotines
  • CO2 and Arc Welding Machines
  • Submerge Arc Welding Machines
  • Compressors
  • Spraypainting Equipment
  • Radial Arm Drilling Machines
  • Hydraulic Press 250 ton x 1
  • Peddinghaus CNC Autofab Beam Line
  • Peddinghaus CNC Autocut Line
  • Peddinghaus CNC Autoplate Line – 2400mm x 6000mm
  • Peddinghaus CNC Automatic Angle Line
  • Plate Guillotine
  • Auto Punchline
  • Daito Cutting Saw
Detail Drawings:
  • Strucad 3D and Tekla 3D Systems
Detail Drawing Capacity:
  • 5 x Qualified Operators in-house
Detail Drawing Subcontractor:
  • 3 x Qualified Strucad Operators
  • 3 x Qualified X-steel Operators
Corrosion Protection: Subcontractor:
  • 1 (A) Surface Preparation ST 2/3
  • 1 (B) 2 x Airless Sprayguns in-house
  • 2 Surface Preparation SA 2.5 – Qualified Subcontrators used – Rand Sandblasting, JR & L and Bulldog Projects.

As an accredited ISO 3834 fabricator, our clients are assured of our highest standards of welding.

We practice stringent Quality Control based on SANS/ISO 9000/2008 and inspection of the works in progress is welcomed at any time.

Factory Area

Submerge Arc Welding Machines

Peddinghaus CNC Autofab Beam Line

Peddinghaus CNC Autofab Beam Line

Peddinghaus CNC Automatic Angle Line

Strucad 3D Systems

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